How to Add Photos

Below is a brief overview of uploading photographs to the website for display.

Prior to uploading photos, you must register and acitivate your account; to register, fill out the form in full, and follow the instrucitons in the verification email.

After uploading, all photos must be approved, this is a measure put in place to prevent spam and materials that are not associated with the Cache Creek Working Truck Show from being posted. Once the photo is approved, it is available for the entire world to see.

All items uploaded to the website are uploaded under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License, uploading material to this website does not transfer the copyright to this website. Only upload photographs that you have taken to the website; uploading other's photographs will result in your account being suspended.

Video tutorial: Uploading photographs

In brief, the steps required to upload you photos:

  1. Login (after registering). Links to these pages can be found under the "Add Content" menu or at the bottom of each page.
  2. From the top drop down menu called "Add Content", or the page list at the bottom of every page, choose Add Your Photos.
  3. On the Photo Editor page, click the "Upload a New Photo" button.
  4. Again on the Photo Editor page, choose your .jpg image, enter a caption and enter the date that the photograph was taken by clicking the calendar icon, note the date format yyyy-mm-dd (eg.: 2013-07-28). The application will determine the show year from the photograph date and add your photo to the appropriate gallery, an approximate date will suffice, however the correct year is critical. All fields are required.
  5. Click the Go! button.
  6. When the page reloads showing a green message box confirming your upload, you photo has been submitted and is awaiting approval, if an error was encountered a red box will appear describing the problem.
  7. To upload another photo, go to step 3.
  8. Logout after uploading your last photograph.

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