Vendor Information

The Basics

For those wishing to attend the show with a booth, please contact me for details, prior to attending the show with you booth you must attain an approval; booths at the show must be truck or transportation related, alcohol sales are not permitted. For the 2013 show, there will be no commission charged, rather a small setup fee. Show vendors will also be listed on the sponsor's page and have their logo appear on the bottom of every page.

Am I a Vendor?

If you are selling a prodcut or a service at the show, you are considered to be a vendor. A few examples, those selling food and beverages; arts and crafts; magazine subscriptions and dealers selling vehicles or equipment.

Individuals selling their vehicle at the show are not considered vendors. Note that I do not in anyway guarantee, nor do I profit from the vehicles being sold - buyer beware!

The Cost

There is no fee charged.

What You Shoud Bring

Folding tables and chairs will be supplied, along with a power distribution board; extension cords will not be supplied. Please ensure that your booth complies with all local regulations.

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